Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Motherboard - Can I have a faster CPU ?
  2. AntiVirus / Internet Security
  3. How do I recover damaged or lost files?
  4. I have damaged or missing system files
  5. How to create a Windows 10 Boot Disk
  6. My PC is slow, what should I do?
  7. When is Windows 10 released?
  8. Why do I need broadband?
  9. Why would I want a website?
  10. Why is my computer slowing down?
  11. What is a blog?
  12. How do I access Outlook contacts more easily?
  13. How do I disable Windows XP error messages?
  14. How do I remove unwanted startup programs?
  15. What is new in Windows 7 Service Pack 1?
  16. How do I create a strong password?

Motherboard - Can I have a faster CPU ?

Q . I would like to upgrade my processor, what can I upgrade to?

A . The upgrade possibilities available to you are dependant on what your motherboard is capable of supporting.

The simplest way to find this out is to look at your Motherboard manual.
However it maybe possible to upgrade your system beyond what the manual says, for this
you'll need to visit the manufacturer's web site and look for any relevant "bios upgrades" *

If you cannot find your manual then you'll need to find the make and model of your motherboard. If you are quick, this can be read when the PC is first switched on. Failing
that it can usually be found printed on the motherboard its self.
Further information can then be found on the manufacturer's web site.

*Upgrading your bios should only be attempted if you are confident in doing so. If you
are not, then please contact us to arrange for one of our engineers to perform the
upgrade for you.

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AntiVirus / Internet Security

Q . I do not use the Internet or Email often, do I need Antivirus/Internet Security on my computer?

A . The simple answer is yes. thousands of virus' are released onto the
internet daily. Once a virus is received, it usually attaches its self to the address book on the computer, and emails itself to every address in that address book, so it may be some one
else that catches the virus initially, but if they hold your address in their address book, then
it will soon spread to you.

It is critical you update your AntiVirus/Internet Security software regularly, If you are connected to the internet using broadband, then it is best to check for new definitions daily. Please call us or check your Anti-Virus /
Internet Security software on how to achieve this. Some AntiVirus/Internet Security packages automatically update when you access the internet. 

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How do I recover damaged or lost files?

Q . I've deleted files or they have become damaged, Can they be recovered?

A . If you've simply deleted the file, then you should be able to recover it from your
recycle bin, unless of course you've emptied it.

File or Data Recovery is a very tricky process; the easiest option is to regularly perform a backup of your critical files to ensure this does not become an issue.

Tapcast is able to recover data in some cases, this can be costly however - it's best to do backups first!

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I have damaged or missing system files

There are some solutions/processes available to you; "Error checking", "System restore"
and "System File Checker".
These are your first line of recovery, though more severe losses will require greater

Windows 10 users can find "Error checking" and "Optimise and defragment drive". These can be found by going on file explorer, click on This PC, right click on (C:) drive and click on propites, choose tools.

Please note, Tapcast do not specialise in data recovery and do not guarantee data while
a system is being serviced or upgraded. It is your responsibility to back up your data on a regular basis; this is simply good practice.

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How to create a Windows 10 Boot Disk

Q . How do I create a Windows 10 boot disk?

A. Download this tool, accept the terms and conditions, click Create installation media, click next, choose ISO file, save in documents, put a empty disk in CD drive.

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My PC is slow, what should I do?

Q . Over time my PC has slowed down, the hard drive light is on more than off and
programs take a long time to load.

A . There are several things to try: -

1. Remove files from the [C]:\Windows\Temp folder

2. Empty the Recycle Bin

3. Run Scandisk and Disk Defragmenter from the Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools.

4. Check the free space on your hard drive; this should realistically be at least 3Gb.
To do this, double click on My Computer, then right click on the C: drive and choose
Properties. If you have less than 15Gb free you may need to uninstall any unneeded
programs to free some more hard drive space.

5. If your computer has less than 4GB RAM, you may need to buy more memory.
Windows can use a lot of memory, if you have less memory than Windows requires
it will use hard drive space to supplement physical memory. This can cause your
computer to run extremely slowly, as hard drive access is much slower than memory

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Windows 10

Q. When is Windows 10 released?

A. The release date fro Windows 10 has not been confirmed, but the consumers preview is set for the 21st of january, this will be the release for desktop cortana, smartphone integration and windows gaming on the menu.

Or if you would like more information please contact us.

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Q. Why do I need Broadband?

A. When using the internet with dial-up it is often called the "World Wide Wait".

Broadband uses a direction connection and is much faster, it can be 10,20,30 or even
40 times faster!. It also means that you can be on the Internet and have a telephone conversation at the same time.

Once you try it you will not want to go back to dialup! Try it at Tapcasts office or even
using the free service at Alcester Library.

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Q. Why would I want a website?

A. Websites provide a great way to put a version of your companys information on the web. This means that anyone can find out your important details at any time.

This includes contact information, product details, where you are located, and various other details.

Give Tapcast a call and we can get you online with your business, hobby, or informative website.

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My Computer seems very slow

Q. Why is my computer slowing down?

A. There could be many reasons for your computer slowing down but one of the more
common causes now is spyware / adware.

Spyware consists of computer software that gathers and reports information about a
computer user without the user's knowledge or consent.

Malware is the most common type of spyware found on peoples machines, these products perform many different functions including some of the following: pop-up adverts, re-routing webpages to claim referral fees, harvesting private information, and installing phone dialers.

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Q. What is a blog?

A. Blogs are diaries that are made public via the Internet. They have come into increasing prominence, mostly because some people think that they provide journalistic and
socio-political content - which is not necessarily true.

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Outlook contacts

Q. How do I access Outlook contacts more easily?

A. Creating an Outlook Contacts shortcut on the desktop saves you having to open Outlook every time you want an address or phone number.

To add a shortcut to your desktop:

Right-click on the desktop and select New>Shortcut in the dialog box that appears
press the Browse... button and browse to the following file.
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office(number here depending on version)\Outlook.exe followed by pressing OK. Then place your cursor after the last quotation mark press space
once and type outlook:contacts , click next and call the shortcut and appropriate name
followed by Finish.

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Windows XP error messages

Q. How do I disable Windows XP error messages?

A. To disable Windows XP sending error messages to Microsoft; Go to Control Panel>System>Advanced>Error Reporting select "Disable error reporting" and click OK.

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unwanted startup programs?

Q. How do I remove unwanted startup programs?

A. Many unwanted programs startup with your computer and this can affect performance
of your machine, to disable unwanted programs do the following:

Go to Task manager, Right click start menu and click Task Manager. click on start-up tap.

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Windows 7 Service Pack 1

Q. What is new in Windows 7 Service Pack 1

A. Windows 7 Service Pack 1 is an update which includes previously released security, performance, and stability updates for Windows 7. It also includes new improvements to features and services in Windows 7, for example improved reliability when connecting to HDMI audio devices, printing using the XPS Viewer, and restoring previous folders in Windows Explorer after restarting.
More Info

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Q. How do I create a strong password

A. Strong passwords are important to protect you and your computer. The key points to have a strong password are: length and complexity
Here are a few suggestions on how to create strong, meaningful passwords.

Create a strong password you can remember
There are many ways to create a long, complex password. Here is one way that may make remembering it easier:
Start with a sentence or two (about 10 words total).
Long and complex passwords are the safest in my opinion
Turn your sentences into a row of letters by use the first letter of each word.
Add complexity - make only the letters in the first half of the alphabet uppercase.
Add length with numbers - put two numbers that are meaningful to you between the two sentences.
Add length with punctuation - put a punctuation mark at the beginning.
Add length with symbols - put a symbol at the end.

Cyber criminals use sophisticated tools that can rapidly decipher passwords. Avoid creating passwords using:

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