Broadband and Wireless networks

Tapcast can install Broadband to get you connected to the Internet and networks to suit your needs, we are able to install Broadband for one or many of your computers, and we also offer the ability to go wirelessly anywhere in your house or office.

Tailored configurations include setup of networks, routers, modems, wireless, firewalls and VPNs.

Currently wired networks run at 10 or 100mbps, if you need a faster network then Gigabit networks can be used to go at 1000mbps.

If you already have broadband installed for one PC, Tapcast can enable you to share it with every computer in the house, and also allow you to do it wirelessly if required, so you can browse the internet while relaxing in the lounge on your notebook, watch i-player via your Smart TV in the lounge, or play your XBOX One or PS4 over the internet.