Today, we had the pleasure of hosting Josh, a 14-year-old student from Bowbrook School at Peopleton, who is passionate about IT. Josh’s curiosity led him to seek out-of-school experience in the IT industry. His visit to Tapcast was an exciting opportunity for hands-on learning and exploration.

The Tapcast Experience

At Tapcast (, we pride ourselves on our role in the tech industry. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions and exceptional service to our clients. Josh got a glimpse into our world, witnessing how we handle remote connections with our Business customers. He learned about running updates, monitoring server health, and ensuring seamless operations.

Josh’s Role and Responsibilities

During his visit, Josh actively engaged with our team. Here’s what he experienced:

  • Remote Connections: Josh observed how we establish secure connections with our clients’ systems, ensuring efficient troubleshooting and support.
  • Hard Disk Wiping: We demonstrated the process of wiping hard disks to meet American Department of Defense standards. Josh learned about data security and responsible disposal practices.

Learning Opportunities

Josh’s time at Tapcast wasn’t just about technical skills. He gained insights into:

  • Real-World IT Operations: Josh saw firsthand how theory translates into practical solutions.
  • Problem-Solving: Our team encouraged him to think critically and find creative solutions.

Takeaways for Future Workforce

Josh’s visit underscores the importance of work experience for young learners. It’s a bridge between classroom knowledge and real-world application. We hope Josh’s time with us inspires his future endeavours in the IT field. Remember, every journey begins with a single step. Josh’s step at Tapcast was a leap toward a promising future.