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Desk with an Apple Mac, open laptop, mouse and plant pot

Does a Mac need third-party antivirus?

Historically Apple products have been significantly safer than Windows and other devices when it comes to cybersecurity threats such as virus and malware, so anyone with an Apple Mac could rely on its built-in defences. However, as the number of…

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Should I sign into websites using my Facebook or Google account?

When you visit a website and choose to sign in / sign up, you will often be greeted with the option to sign in using a Facebook or Google account that you already have. This is known as single sign-on…

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Cyber Security for the Self-Employed

Keeping on top of your cyber security knowledge and processes is very important for the self-employed in this increasingly digital and online world. This article will provide some tips on the best ways to keep your data safe and business…

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What is Patch Tuesday

Patch Tuesday: A Quick Guide  Have you ever wondered why your computer occasionally prompts you to install updates on a specific day of the week? That could be because of "Patch Tuesday," a term you might have heard but not really know much…

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