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Tapcast visit the National Cyber Security Show in Birmingham

Steve Neal and James Parish visited the National Cyber Security Show at the NEC in Birmingham The Tapcast team spoke to Julian Hubble on the DrayTek Stand regarding the latest DrayTek 2927 router and Training courses and then with…

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Should I sign into websites using my Facebook or Google account?

When you visit a website and choose to sign in / sign up, you will often be greeted with the option to sign in using a Facebook or Google account that you already have. This is known as single sign-on…

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Outlook for Windows is replacing Windows Mail

Microsoft is planning on phasing out the existing, free Windows Mail and Windows Calendar apps included in Windows 10 and 11, and replacing them with the new Outlook for Windows. You will be able to download the new version of Outlook…

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5 tips to Speed Up Your Slow PC

If you’ve had your PC for many years, you may notice it moving at a snail's pace. Before you decide to just buy a new one, here are 5 quick and easy tips to improve your computers speed: 1. Clear…

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Cyber Security for the Self-Employed

Keeping on top of your cyber security knowledge and processes is very important for the self-employed in this increasingly digital and online world. This article will provide some tips on the best ways to keep your data safe and business…

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Windows 10 Is Being Phased Out. Here’s What That Means for You

If you haven't already upgraded to Windows 11, now is a great time to do so because Microsoft is finished with major updates to Windows 10.  Windows 10 version 22H2 is the current and final version of the operating system, though Microsoft…

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Using email signature software to reduce IT stress

Get the power to create, control, and deploy company email signatures and fire up a new marketing channel with world-leading email signature management.  No matter the size or needs of your business, Exclaimer helps you amplify every email with optimized,…

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Safeguard Your Company by Testing Its Cyber Resilience

What is Cyber Resilience - And Why Does Resilience Matter? A company’s cybersecurity programme must be regularly assessed to ensure that it is sufficiently equipped to handle a cyber-attack and aligned with its cybersecurity needs. These assessments test a company’s…

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Invoice Scams

Latest scam you should be aware of to protect your business Scammers are using fake invoices to trick people into sending money into their account. By pretending to be a supplier, colleague or business contact they will send an invoice…

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