Get the power to create, control, and deploy company email signatures and fire up a new marketing channel with world-leading email signature management. 

No matter the size or needs of your business, Exclaimer helps you amplify every email with optimized, effective email signatures for your whole organization. Exclaimer easily integrates into your business. Whether you work with Office 365, Google Workspace or Exchange.

Why email signature management causes stress

Email signature management adds to the workload of already busy IT teams. Updates can be needed at unpredictable intervals and come with tight time constraints.  

IT performs email signature management at the following times: 


    • Employee onboarding. IT must establish an email signature when new employees start at an organization. 

    • User changes. If personal data about an employee changes, their email signature needs to be updated to reflect this. 

    • Marketing priorities. From time to time, the marketing department will require email signature updates to implement brand changes or to promote new campaigns via  banners and images. Some of these changes may be planned in advance, while others will be more urgent.  

    • Other business objectives. These could be changes to legal disclaimers, important communications, or adopting new functions like feedback buttons. 

All of these contribute to workplace stress for IT, particularly when updates are unplanned with tight deadlines. 

Email signature management’s manual overheads 

Updating email signatures is a manual process, typically done via the account settings of an email system. This requires IT professionals to use advanced back-end settings in Office 365 (Microsoft 365), Google Workplace, and Microsoft Exchange for changes to take effect.  

The manual nature of email signature management contributes to workplace stress for IT professionals, adding to a repetitive and excessive workload. 

How email signature software reduces workplace stress 

The answer to all these challenges is email signature software. This makes email signature management an automated process, thereby reducing workloads, mitigating time pressures, and giving IT teams precious time back to focus on other priorities.  

Email signature software really comes into its own when scaled across an organization. It overcomes the complexity of managing email signatures by delivering:  


    • Fast, accurate deployment of email signatures companywide. This is both automated and centralized, which is ideal for IT teams serving the needs of distributed workforces. 

    • Total control over all email signature elements from contact details and social media icons, to email banners and legal disclaimers. 

    • An easy drag and drop design process for creating professional email signatures.   

    • The ability to define rules used to group employees into different departments and using Active Directory or Google Directory to complete contact details. 

    • Share the workload, with the ability to assign access rights to colleagues. For example, you can allow marketing to change their own banners. 
    • How it Works

How it works

1 Design email signatures with our drag and drop editor.

2 Create rules to apply signatures across roles, departments and locations – company wide or individually.

3 Elevate promotional messaging with banners and add social icons to encourage engagement.

4 Include functional elements like one-click surveys and any necessary disclaimers.

5 Centrally manage email signatures from one location to level-up efficiency.

6 Track success with an analytics dashboard.

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