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Desk with an Apple Mac, open laptop, mouse and plant pot

Does a Mac need third-party antivirus?

Historically Apple products have been significantly safer than Windows and other devices when it comes to cybersecurity threats such as virus and malware, so anyone with an Apple Mac could rely on its built-in defences. However, as the number of…

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Booking your holidays soon? How to steer clear of travel scams.

From hoax free trips to fake rental homes, here are some of the most common online threats you should look out for both before and during your travels. Once Christmas is passed, we look forward to holidaying in sunnier climates,…

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Checking your Facebook Security

Use Security Checkup to add security to your Facebook account. Security Checkup will help you: Get alerts when someone tries logging in to your account from an unrecognised computer or mobile device. Learn how to protect your password. Enable two-factor authentication, an…

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What is Patch Tuesday

Patch Tuesday: A Quick Guide  Have you ever wondered why your computer occasionally prompts you to install updates on a specific day of the week? That could be because of "Patch Tuesday," a term you might have heard but not really know much…

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